Weakly Bolting


In our climate, Weakly Bolting Hardneck garlic usually produces a scape, although sometimes they may not. They are the very earliest of all garlics, and if you can grow them, you will have garlic before anyone else is ready to harvest.

Correct harvest time is crucial. If the tops have fallen over like onions, you have waited too long. A better indication of readiness is to dig down and see how the bulb is sizing up. If the size is sufficient, then it is time to dig your garlic.

Storage time is very short for Weakly Bolting Hardnecks, generally not more than five months, so enjoy them as a summer treat.

Weakly Bolting Hardneck garlics include Turban type, Asiatic type, and Creole type of garlic.  All three types produce a weak scape that does not form a complete curl. Turban and Asiatic garlics are the earliest maturing of all garlics. They have a short storage life, usually not more than 5 months before starting to sprout.

Careful attention must be paid to harvesting them before the bulb wrappers start to deteriorate. For best results they must be harvested before the tops fall over, even if it seems that the leaves are still too green. Check the bulb size and use that as an indicator of when to harvest.

Asiatics produce a few large bulbils, while Turbans produce about 30 bulbils per head.