About Us


Welcome to Norwegian Creek Farm. Our garlic farm is located on  farm land that has been in the family for over a hundred years. We are adjacent to Boundary Garlic, which is also on part of the family farm.

 Over the years, there have been many different agricultural ventures carried out here, as crops and livestock were adjusted to the markets and opportunities of the day.

 There has been everything from horses for the gold-rush days to dairy cattle, beef cattle and even chickens and turkeys at various times.

As well as managing our own garlic crop, we also work for Boundary Garlic (garlicfarm.ca) in all aspects of garlic production. 

Norwegian Creek Farm is dedicated to providing quality seed garlic to all of our customers across Canada. We have a large land base and we move our garlic fields annually to ground that has not previously grown alliums.

Our goal is to provide our customers with products that will grow successfully in their region, and to share information in order to grow  your garlic to a successful harvest.