Bulbils are an effective way to greatly increase the size of your garlic crop, although it can take a few years to grow them up to marketable size. The first year we generally sprinkle the small bulbils in trenches that are about 1 inch deep and 4-6 inches between trenches. In late summer they are harvested and sorted for replanting. Most bulbils will produce larger rounds the first year.  Some varieties can produce two or more cloves in the first year. If so they need to be separated at planting time  and, as the cloves or rounds become larger, they will need to be given more space from their neighbors in order to attain their full potential. It is a good idea to plant the cloves or rounds root end down, as the plant can then put more energy into growing larger bulbs. With small 1st year bulbils, it is not practical to plant them right side up, so they get sprinkled into the row. 

Bulbils are very sensitive to excessive drying in the growing season. We generally hand water every day if it is hot and dry. We also do a foliar feed with liquid fish fertilizer about every two week throuhg the growing season. When the tops start to turn brown or just don't want to stand up any longer is usually a good indication that it's time to dig the bulbils and sort them for replanting. 




    Bulbils can be ordered on the shopping cart between May1 - July1. If you need to order earlier or later than this send me an email and we will see what is available.