Welcome to Norwegian Creek Farm. Our certified organic garlic farm is located on  farm land that has been in the family for over a hundred years. We are adjacent to Boundary Garlic, which is also on part of the family farm.

   We are dedicated to providing high-quality seed garlic using hands on, labour intensive methods to ensure that our customers recieve quality products.

   We are certified organic by PACS (Pacific Agricultural Cerification Society), certification # 16-749.

   As well as managing our own garlic crop, we also work for Boundary Garlic  in all aspects of garlic production.


   Garlic varieties can be accessed in the dropdown menu in the header above or in the varieties menu in the sidebar to the left of this page.  

   All of our garlic that is available for spring planting is viewable at the bottom of the home page.


We are fortunate in that the fields have always been managed without herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers. We are now able to embark on a course of field preparation that will focus on cover crops to boost nutrients and build the organic matter in the soil. We have sufficient land that we are able to rotate the garlic crop into fresh soil every year and thus minimize soil-borne disease risks.


Garlic Bulbs

This year we have approximately 75 varieties of garlic planted. 

We have -

Porcelains - 23 varieties

Rocambles - 16 varieties

Standard Purple Stripes - 3 varieties

Glazed Purple Stripes - 2 Varieties

Marbled Purple Stripes - 10 varieties

Artichokes - 5 varieties

Silverskins - 2 varieties

Asiatics - 6 varieties

Turbans - 7 varieties

Creoles - 2 varieties

Uncategorized - 2 varieties

Information about specific varieties can be found in the garlic varieties pages, accessed at the top of the home page.







Garlic Bulbils

Garlic bulbils for sale are harvested from our regular crop of full sized plants. We choose the largest, earliest scapes in particular varieties and let them mature on the plant until they are ready to be harvested and dried for shipment.

 A full selection of available bulbils can be accessed at the dropdown menu at the top of this page.


Bulbils will be available on the shopping cart from May1 until July 1. After that date we may be cutting scapes and bulbils will no longer be available. Approximate numbers of plantable bulbils per umbel can be found in the variety descriptions. Bulbils will be shipped complete with umbel after they have dried and are shipped at the same time as our regular garlic is shipped.