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NORWEGIAN CREEK FARM - certified organic seed garlic CANADIAN SALES ONLY

NORWEGIAN CREEK FARM - certified organic seed garlic CANADIAN SALES ONLY

NORWEGIAN CREEK FARM - certified organic seed garlic CANADIAN SALES ONLY NORWEGIAN CREEK FARM - certified organic seed garlic CANADIAN SALES ONLY
A grassy pine-covered hill on the farm.

Certified organic by PACS (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society)-# 16-749

Norwegian Creek Farm Welcomes You!

Garlic field.

We grow garlic.....lots of garlic.

With 90 varieties, we have something for everyone. We have many varieties of heirloom garlic  and hard to find varieties in our organic seed garlic selections. We also sell garlic bulbils.

Red Russian garlic.

Our garlic is certified organic.

We are certified organic by PACS (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society).

Grown on land that has been in the family for nearly 120 years, we strive to produce healthy, high quality seed garlic. We have a large land base and are able to move our garlic field every year to a new location. This ensures that the incidence of garlic diseases is minimized, and consequently our seed garlic is exceptionally clean and healthy.


Garlic bulbils

We also sell Bulbils

Growing from bulbils is a good way to renew your crop or get an economical start into growing garlic, but ..... it is a multi-year process to attain full-sized bulbs.

Ordering information

Read Me!

The shopping cart will open for bulbil sales from April 1 to July 31, and then open again for regular bulb sales around the third week of August. The actual opening date will be posted here on the home page and mailed out to subscribers once we determine  what will be available for sale.

We sell our garlic according to size categories and we grade each bulb accordingly. The size ranges are as follows :

 Small : 0.8-1.2 oz  (approx. 13-18 bulbs/lb)

 Medium: 1.2-2.0 oz (8 -12 bulbs/lb)

 Large : 2.0-3.2 oz (5-8 bulbs/lb)

 Extra-large: 3.2 oz or more  (4-5 bulbs/lb)

Each type of garlic produces a certain number of cloves per bulb that are generally within a specific range, although there are always exceptions.  To the right (above on handheld devices)  is a chart detailing  typical harvest times, average number of plantable cloves per bulb, and average number of plantable bulbils per umbel.

You can use the above information to roughly calculate how many bulbs you will need to provide the desired number of cloves for planting.

We ship our garlic packages in paper bags.  Each variety is clearly labeled in its own bag. We use heavy corrugated cardboard boxes for shipping, 

We  start  shipping around the beginning of September.  We ship by Canada Post.  Once the package is shipped we send you a tracking number so that you can know when to expect your order.

Orders placed after the beginning of September are usually filled and shipped within a couple of days of the order being placed.

Please check your order once received  to verify that it is correct and in good condition. If there is a problem, contact us immediately and we will do our best to correct it.  If you must store your order for any length of time before planting, it is a good idea to put the bags in an open box or tray  with plenty of air circulation.  

Payment for your  order can be made by PayPal  (follow the prompts on the checkout). You can use a credit card on PayPal, no account required.   You can also phone or email us to make other arrangements. We accept cheques, e-transfers or will take credit card orders by phone.  For your own security, do not email credit card info.

Not  sure of what you need? Phone or email us.  Perhaps we can offer advice.

Garlic clove and bulbil production chart.

Contact Us

Drop us a line! We would like to hear from you.


1200 Norwegian Creek Road, PO Box 45, Midway, BC, Canada, V0H 1M0

(250) 449-2480


Until further notice, we are unfortunately not open to visitors until the Covid-19 virus concerns have lessened.  Online orders will be accepted in season and we can make arrangements for local orders.

We are easy to find on Google  Maps !